Rob Holley - That space is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.  (1/4/13, 11:07am)

Mia Pham - What a beautifully designed space! May I ask where the sofa is from? Thanks!  (9/26/12, 6:31pm)

Emma Sharkey - What a glorious space! Congratulations on your grand opening :) E XXX  (9/23/12, 8:25pm)

Grace - Pretty! Congrats!!  (9/15/12, 9:51am)

Kirsten (Cadaret) Madsen - Adorable, Lisa!! Such an amazing space! oh my gosh!  (9/11/12, 2:00am)

Mei Zhou - Love it Lisa! A big congratulations!  (9/4/12, 1:46pm)

heidi - so well done...cheers to you!  (9/2/12, 7:45pm)

Allison - Wow, beautiful space! Congratulations!  (8/29/12, 7:50pm)

Andrea - I love your new space. I love the pop of colors. Congrats, Lisa!  (8/24/12, 12:17pm)