Marta Eve - Amazing work as always, your b&ws are to die for.  (3/13/13, 4:17pm)

Gert Huygaerts - Lovely report Lisa! You got these emotions nailed! Great colors, lovely setting... LOVE it!  (3/2/13, 4:51am)

joel serrato - wow lisa, love this one! ;)  (2/20/13, 10:25am)

Rob Battersby - Absolutely amazing set of images!! Loving your work!  (2/19/13, 2:08pm)

Jannie Erasmus - You can feel the love and happiness in the photos. Great work!!  (2/19/13, 4:00am)

lanedittoe - so pretty Lisa!!  (2/16/13, 10:55am)

Rob Holley - Cuban cigars, a gorgeous old car, and a beautiful tent. Amazing wedding. Amazing photos.  (2/1/13, 7:40am)

Odalys Mendez - These are so gorgeous Lisa, I love the way you captured their happiness. Your detail shots are stunning!  (1/25/13, 6:20pm)

Kina - I'm always so in love with the way you capture weddings Lisa.  (1/25/13, 2:46pm)

heidi - STUNNINGLY beautiful, wow.  (1/25/13, 2:13pm)