JenKlossHeffner - CONGRATS! Well deserved!!!!  (4/27/10, 8:11pm)

Tammie Kimura - Congratulations Lisa, just read PPA article and came right to see more of your work. They are just stunning!  (4/3/10, 5:22pm)

Justin DeMutiis - I didn't have to read your article to tell that you shot with film... Such a clean and beautiful look. Your article was one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to following your blog  (3/29/10, 11:39pm)

Roy Llera - Congratulations! Wonderful article...I keep seeing your images on Project Wedding and they are amazing!  (3/17/10, 6:32pm)

Connie Sithi - This is such great news, and it's a great article! I'm so proud that you're a Bay Area photographer (being from Oakland and all). Congratulations!  (3/17/10, 2:37pm)

Heidi - WOW Lisa, congratulations!! What a pleasant surprise to stumble onto this article! You so deserve this recognition and your work looks amazing as always. Happy 2010!  (3/16/10, 12:13pm)

Jessica - I recently recv'd the issue in the mail...great article. Congrats!  (3/15/10, 10:01am)

Rebecca Crumley - High fives!  (3/12/10, 2:08pm)

Gina Leigh - Congratulations, Lisa! I enjoyed the article very deserve the accolades.  (3/11/10, 6:19pm)

lisa neighbors - CONGRATULATIONS LISA!! You have worked so hard for this. You are SO very talented!! xo  (3/7/10, 10:34am)

Lauren Bauer - All your pictures are sooo beautiful! Congrats on your publication! So exciting :)  (3/6/10, 11:11am)

jose villa - congrats lisa, very well deserved!! cheers! jose  (3/4/10, 1:49pm)

jane button - can't wait to read your article - i'll be looking for it in my mailbox soon! i love your work - congrats on the birth of your baby girl too :)  (3/4/10, 12:15pm)

Kelly Hornberger - Congrats!! I love your work! Just thought I would give you some blog love!!  (3/3/10, 9:02pm)